A Note From Haley:

To My Dow Jonesies:

Is it just me or does March feel like years ago? I can't believe how much has happened in 3 short months. But I am not nostalgic for the past - I am hopeful for the future! I plan to use this platform going forward to not only help you get rich, but also to shed light on the racial wealth gap and economic inequality happening in America.

Does this mean I am an *activist* now? Sort of, hehe. But like, that's chic! You have to stand up for what's RIGHT, ya know? I want to help facilitate change! From making memes with more people of color to donating money to choosing books for MDJ Reads by black authors to spending money at black-owned businesses - I see so much opportunity for ways I can do better! And I am excited to see these small actions compound into big results.

Oh, and it goes without saying that finance is cool, but police brutality is NOT. Black Lives Matter!! It makes me sick to think about Breonna Taylor. And George Floyd. And Ahmaud Arbery. And countless other unarmed black people killed or injured by the police... I am donating all profits from my online store to Color of Change and am eager to find more ways to get involved.

Speaking of which - PLEASE email haley@mrsdowjones.com if you have any thoughts or reactions. I am listening and would love your feedback and advice if you want to share either :)

Love and Dividends,