Welcome to MDJ Stimulus.

You can’t control what happens to you but you can control HOW YOU REACT. This FREE Digital Learning Experience provides all the tools you need to get through this unprecedented time.

MDJ Stimulus is a 7-Week, 7-Chapter package of measures designed to keep your personal economy afloat ;)

Each week will bring a new theme and new content. We’ll be dropping:

IGTV and Youtube Videos 📺
Articles on MDJ Diary 📚
Livestreams with experts 🎥
Pop Quizzes 📝
Warren Buffett’s Nudes Jk hehe, or am I…) 📲

The point of ALL this is to provide actionable advice! (Like face masks and Purell - we believe clear, actionable advice is now a necessity)

Stimulus Package Courses:


01. JOB WEEK - 4/6

From job-loss to salary-cuts, Mrs. Dow Jones is covering Corona Virus Career Curveballs with a panache that will make you forget you were furloughed.

02. SUCCESS WEEK - 4/13
Haven’t changed your leggings in days? Can’t remember the last time you ate a meal that wasn’t microwave popcorn? Don’t worry- you’re just failing upwards! Success week is all about fighting through hard times. Join us for some inspiration.

You ordered ANOTHER tie-dye sweatsuit? Really? We need to talk about this...

04. ECONOWEEK - 4/27 
Sup with this whole Stimulus Package thang and also- is the market really gonna rebound? Let's discuss.


05. STUDENT WEEK - 5/11 
The future looks SO uncertain for students! But remember - they can cancel your internships but they can’t cancel your dreams! You got this, duh.

06. HALEY WEEK - 5/18 
For the first time EVER I am spilling tea on how I got financially fit and became Mrs. Dow Jones! 

07. INVESTING WEEK - 5/25 
If you're in a sound place financially then it's time to invest. But... where to begin? Well - I have some ideas ;)


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