Brag Better

Brag Better

By Haley Sacks

Brag Better

Hello all you fall cuties. I am currently wearing a Pumpkin Spice KNEE BRACE as I got knee surg in August and am still deep in recovery. I would love to complain & tell you how hard it is to sit and do absolutely nothing but truthfully, I am sort of enjoying it. I have ample time to read for school and Physical Therapy is sort of fun. They do MASSAGE! And insurance PAYS FOR IT! But- besides just updating you on my life- I also wanted to discuss our SEPTEMBER BOOK PICK- which I implore you to read or listen to. Why, sweetie? Because it's about owning your accomplishments- which is an important factor in gaining respect and recognition in the workplace. The fact of the matter is if you're not confident about your abilities, nobody else will be. So let's learn how to BRAG... better. See you at the end of the month on my livestream with the author, until then... stay rich, bitch!


This effortless and unapologetic approach to self-promotion will manage your anxiety and allow you to champion yourself.

Does talking about your accomplishments feel scary or icky because you're worried people will think you're "obnoxious"?

Does it feel more natural to "put your head down and do the work"?

Are you tired of watching the loudest people in your industry get disproportionate praise and rewards?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you might be self-sabotaging. You need to learn to Brag Better. Meredith Fineman has built a career working with "The Qualified Quiet": smart people who struggle to talk about themselves and thus go underestimated or unrecognized. Now, she shares the surefire and anxiety-proof strategies that have helped her clients effectively communicate their achievements and skillsets to others.

Bragging Better doesn't require false bravado, talking over people, or pretending to be more qualified than you are. Instead, Fineman advocates finding quiet confidence in your opinions, abilities, and background, and then turning up the volume. In this book, you will learn the career-changing tools she's developed over the past decade that make bragging feel easy, including:

    Get remembered by focusing your personal brand and voice on key adjectives (like "effective, subtle, and edgy")
    Practice explaining what you do in simple, sticky terms to earn respect and recognition from the public and people at work.
    Eliminate words that undermine your work and find better ones--like your bio saying you're "trying" or "attempting" to do something instead that you ARE doing it.

If you're ready to begin Bragging Better--to telling the truth about your accomplishments with grace and confidence--this book is for you.


September 2020

Self Promotion